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Modern Greek Studies

Vol. 2, 1986

(393 pages)


Post-Byzantine Hellenism and Europe: Manuscripts,Books and Printing Presses...Leandros Vranoussis

The Greek Monk Arsenios and His Humanist Activities inSeventeenth-Century Russia...Maria Kotzamanidou

Theodore Angelopoulos, The New Greek Cinema andByzantine Iconology...Andrew Horton

Theotokas's Constantinople: Nostalgia as a Source ofLiterary Creativity...Donald E. Martin

Sixteen English Letters to George Seferis: Presentedwith an Introduction...George Thaniel

Popular Tradition and Individual Creativity: PandelisPrevelakis (1909-1986)...Peter Mackridge

Text Translation

George Theotokas, FreeSpirit ...Soterios G.Stavrou

Spyros Skiadaresis, The Kospetonis Barracks.Cephalonian Story...G. Michael Razi and Alec Reid

Research Aids

The Research Center for the Study of Modern GreekHistory of the Academy of Athens...Eleuthenos Prevelakis

Review Articles

Mediterranean Economic Connections from the Thirteenthto the Nineteenth Century...Basil Spiridonakis

The Greek Land Regime in Nineteenth-Century BalkanPerspective...John Lampe

Greece's Northern Neighbor: Yugoslavia in RecentBibliography...Thomas A. Emmert

C. M. Woodhouse on Greece...Victor Papacosma

The Anthropologist in the Nation-State: Doing Fieldworkin Greece...Jill Dubisch

Cyprus: The Loss of a Cultural Heritage...MichaelJansen

Book Reviews

Manolis Andronicos, Vergina. The Royal Tombs and theAncient City...Reviewed by William D. E. Coulson

M. B. Sakellariou (ed.), Macedonia: 4000 Years ofGreek History and Civilization; Nicolaos K. Martis, The Falsification of MacedonianHistory; Stoyan Pribichevich, Macedonia: Its People and History ... Reviewed byJoseph Goldman

Bruno Lavagnini, Alle origini del verso politico ...Reviewedby Vincenzo Rotolo

Zora Devrnja Zimmerman, Serbian Folk Poetry: AncientLegends, Romantic Songs; Alex N. Dragnich and Slavko Todorovich, The Saga ofKosovo: Focus on Serbian-Albanian Relations...Reviewed by Thomas A. Emmert

"The Kiev Mohyla Academy " (Special Issue ofthe Harvard Ukrainian Studies) ...Reviewed by Paul Bushkovitch

John Louis Hondros, Occupation and Resistance: TheGreek Agony 1941-44 ...Reviewed by Alexandros Kitroeff

Eleni Fourtouni, Greek Women in Resistance:Journals‹Oral Histories...Reviewed by Elizabeth Faue

Lawrence S. Wittner, Intervention in Greece,1943-1949 ...Reviewed by Marian Sarafis

Ceorge L. Kontogeorgis, I Ellada stin Evropi‹IPoreia pros tin Enosi kai i politiki tou Karamanli (Greece in Europe‹The Road toUnion and the Policy of Karamanlis) Reviewed by Van Coufoudakis

Mariella Doumanis, Mothering in Greece: FromCollectivism to Individualism...Reviewed by Vassilikie Demos

Niki Loizidis and Nikos Andrikakis(eds.), EllinesKallitehnes tou Exoterikou (Greek Artists Outside Greece)...Reviewed by Dimitri Tselos

Alice Scourby, The Greek Americans...Reviewed byClarke A. Chambers

George Giannaris, I Ellines Metanastes kai toEllinoamerikaniko Mythistorima (The Greek Immigrants and the Greek American Novel)...Reviewed by Fotios K. Litsas

Regina Pagoulatou, Oi Presveftes (The Ambassadors);Regina Pagoulatou, Motherhood. Original Greek text with English translation by KaliLoverdou-Streichler...Reviewed by Apostolos N.Athanassakis

Viktor Sokoliuk (ed.), Ekho Ellady (Echo of Hellas)...Reviewedby Irina Corten

Mikis I. Kitromilides, Keimena (Texts)...Reviewedby Costas M. Proussis

Louis Coutelle, Theofanis G. Stavrou and David R.Weinberg, A Greek Diptych: Dionysios Solomos and Alexandros Papadiamantis...Reviewedby John E. Rexine

Theofanis G. Stavrou and Constantine A. Trypanis, KostisPalamas: A Portrait and an Appreciation Including lambs and Anapaests and Ascraeus...Reviewedby Thanasis Maskaleris

C. CapriKarka, War in the Poetry of GeorgeSeferis. A Poem by Poem Analysis...Reviewed by John E. Rexine

Deborah Tannen, Lilika Nakos...Reviewed byMarjorie Bingham

Christos S. Romanos, Poetics of A FictionalHistorian...Reviewed by Virgil Nemoianu

George P. Henderson, E. P. Papanoutsos...Reviewedby John P. Anton

Vitzentzos Kornaros, Erotocritos...Reviewed byM. Byron Raizis

Stratis Myrivilis, Vasilis Arvanitis....Reviewedby Vassilis Lambropoulos

Petros Haris, The Longest Night: Chronicle of a DeadCity....Reviewed by Costas M. Proussis

Janusz Strasburger, Angelos Sikelianos, Piezje(Poems)...Reviewed by Franciszek Gotembski

Yannis Ritsos, Zametki na poliakh vremeni. Stikhi ipoemy (Notes on the Margins of Time. Short and Long Poems)...Reviewed by Irina H.Corten

Titos P. Jochalas, Stoikheia Ellino-AlvanikisGrammatikis kai Ellino-Alvanikoi Dialogoi. Anekdoto Ergo tou Ioanni Villara (Elements ofGreek-Albanian Grammar and Greek -Albanian Dialogues. Unpublished work of John Villaras)...Reviewedby Demetrius Moutsos

Peter Mackridge, The Modern Greek Language: ADescriptive Analysis of Standard Modern Greek ...Reviewed by Lambros Missitzis

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